About Us

SE Electronics was founded in 1992.

Mission Statement

A commitment to provide our customers with practical, professional, effective and

quality lighting solutions that meet each customer's needs, budget and total


Our Customer Service

At SE Electronics, our customers come first. We understand that each customer

is different. By accessing each customer’s requirement we can offer the right

range of products for their needs. We also offer onsite service for customers who

are too busy to visit us. We are committed to maintaining our high level of

customer service.

Our Pricing

Due to our strong buying power we can ensure that our customers receive

competitive prices with the best quality products.

Our Products

SE Electronics has vast products to suit any interior or exterior design. We are

dealing in LED indoor, outdoor, commercial and home lighting products. We

stock products to ensure that our customers are kept up to date with the latest

trends and styles in lighting category. All products are of top quality for total

customer satisfaction.